Hotel Marco Polo

Beautiful Boutique Hotel Marco Polo is situated on the coast, just a few meters away from the beach. Hotel's exterior look is not a typical hotel look, it is more resemble to a private family house. And that is exactly our goal, to remind you of a home, with its look and warm feeling that you get, thanks to impeccable effort and service of our staff. Our hotel is organized conceptually and it represents the story of Marco Polo and his family.

The name Nicolo Polo which we gave to our a-la-carte restaurant was also the name of Marco’s father as well as the name of late owner’s father of whom you had the opportunity to read in the beginning.

The mentioned concept was continued when we named our Fitness & Relax center “Pepo Polo” after the owner’s old but still very vital grandfather.

You’ve probably noticed the term Boutique within our name and wondered what it stands for. In the last 30 years Boutique hotels have become a real hit and more visited from the clientele who prefers staying in hotels that offer something truly unique and unusual, which leaves everlasting impression and memories and looking for the places where they will surprised with something special that hotel has to offer and what its employees are ready to do for them.

But more important than anything else is personalized guest service that makes every guest feel at home. This kind of service includes knowledge of guest’s customs and habits and acknowledging each guest with their name or title. So the next time when you come to our hotel we will be able to offer you something that you like similar to what you had before, but this time more interesting.